Comedy in the Alley

It wasn’t just another night in this Toronto alleyway. Comedy in the Alley, the second instalment in The Brothers DePaul’s Comedy in the X series, brought stand-up comedy to an alleyway adjacent to Christie Pits Park in Toronto. 

This unique comedy special showcases six of Toronto’s finest comics on the backdrop of an underground celebration of our city and its world class food and comedy scene.

"Laneways are ubiquitous in downtown and midtown Toronto, but they're so often overlooked as part of our public realm. Laneway animation is a fun way of embracing these spaces and turning them into assets in our neighbourhoods."

- The Laneway Project


Film Credit

Jordan Foisy, Todd Graham, James Hartnett, Chris Robinson, Steph Tolev, Dawn Whitwell 

Produced by
Chris DePaul, Miles DePaul, Greg Francis and Jode Roberts

Filmed by
Greg Francis and Brandon Benoit

Edited, mixed and scored by
Greg Francis

Food by
Mike Christie

Lighting by
Melissa Joakim

Special thanks to
Carol Roberts, Kyle Baptista

Executive producers
Jim Norton, Tonya Norton, Ray and Sue DePaul, Mike DePaul and Maria Hurash, Phil Donelson, Sacha Kumar

Comedy in the Basement: Six comics perform at a party in the basement of a Toronto house

What happens when you cram fifty people into a basement for a whole night, feed them nothing but booze, chicken tacos, and jokes, and film the whole thing? This past June in Toronto, Chuckle Co. and The Brothers DePaul got together and threw a party to find out.

The result is Comedy in the Basement, a half hour comedy special showcasing  six of Canada's most exciting up-and-coming comedians: Amanda Brooke Perrin, D.J. Demers, Joel Buxton, Jordan Foisy, Michael Kolberg and Steve Patrick Adams. Normally, these guys host a show at Comedy Bar every Wednesday, but by bringing the Chuckle Co. experience underground into a sweaty, sidesplitting fire hazard, we're treated to a snapshot of the young performers at their most dynamic and energetic.

Who is Chuckle Co?

Chuckle Co. performers have appeared at Just For Laughs, JFL42, NXNE, CBC, SiriusXM and at comedy clubs across the country. Most recently D.J. Demers won the Just For Laughs Homegrown competition in Montreal.

You can see Chuckle Co. perform every Wednesday at 9PM at Toronto's Comedy Bar.

It’s a good example of hungry, young performers taking their careers into their own hands and producing content that is not only funny, but also slick.
— Comedy Network

Film Credits

Produced by
Chris DePaul, Miles DePaul, Greg Francis and D.J. Demers

Filmed by
Greg Francis and Jason Hoffman

Edited and mixed by
Greg Francis

Special thanks to
Mike Christie, Tyler Strahl, Jason Hoffman, 

Executive producers
Adil Dhalla, Caleb Lance, Phil Donelson, Michael Flynn, Jode Roberts, Phillip Picassinos and Ray and Sue DePaul.

About The Series

The Brothers DePaul are producing and filming a series of films called the Comedy in the X series featuring stand-up comedy shows in unusual places in Toronto neighbourhoods. Our first show was produced in the basement of a home near Trinity Bellwoods Park, our second in an alleyway in the Annex.  


Photos by Chris DePaul