Should I Be Scared Of This...New Podcast?

Should I Be Scared of This? with Jordan Foisy

Should I Be Scared of This? with Jordan Foisy

We are thrilled to finally announce our newest project, and our second podcast, Should I Be Scared of This? with our good friend and our neurotic superhero, Jordan Foisy

You've seen Jordan hosting our second comedy special, Comedy in the Alley, and heard him get deep with Mike Christie in the second episode of of our podcast, Back of the House. This time around, Jordan explores this scary place we live...the World. From rising sea levels, to war, to worrying about being a bad friend, there are simply too many fears to fit in the day. We need a better way to fear. Join Jordan as he interviews experts about all the things that freak him out in his search to truthfully answer: Should I Be Scared of This?

Our first episode is up now, The Richwhere Jordan interviews best-selling author, Bruce Livesey about the 1%, fat cats, and how they influence our lives, even more than Jordan thought possible. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Jordan ponders fear itself some more in a new article for Vice. Keep up with Jordan on Twitter, and be sure to check him out live at Comedy Bar every Wednesday.

Eats & Laughs: Standing on the Danforth @ Eton House

Photo: Chris DePaul

Photo: Chris DePaul

Standing on the Danforth @ Eton House
710 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Eats & Laughs showcases the best restaurants, bars, and some local fast food serving great meals and drinks near Toronto's best comedy venues. Curated by Mike Christie, you can listen to Mike talk food, comedy, and Toronto on our podcast Back of the House.

Standing on the Danforth at Eton House Tavern brings great comedy the last Tuesday of every month, on top of some solid wings Monday to Wednesday. If wings are your thing, can we recommend a few nearby restaurants....for one god damn second (please listen to Back of the House for context....please).

Pizzeria Libretto (Danforth)
A sister to Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington, this is where you can the best pizza in town, a great bottle of wine, and some mouth watering warm olives. Not the cheapest, but bring a friend, call it a date and you're set. Definitely try the Neapolitan, but for the cheese lovers, the Cremini Mushroom is close to perfection. 

Avli, Messini, or Ouzeri
The best of a frankly somewhat mediocre greek lineup. But you can definitely get some lemony dishes that satisify more than a few urges. Pick one, you'll be happy.

Want to cook before the show instead? Check out Mike's recipes on Back of the House. 

Bell Local: Comedy in the X

So, this is cool.

We're thrilled to finally publicly announce our partnership with Bell Local to bring comedy to unique spaces across Toronto. Bell Local has helped us curate and put on some of what we think are Toronto's most unique and just downright hilarious comedy specials, bringing Toronto's top comics to your backyard...literally. Check out the trailer for Comedy in the Alley above, and as always see the full length version here on our website under "Comedy Videos".

Much love, 

The Brothers DePaul