DJ Demers on Conan

It was with a beating heart of pride we watched DJ Demers, our friend and host of Comedy in the Basement, make his American television debut on Conan tonight...Conan O'Brien.

He absolutely destroyed and, in the long tradition of true admiration in late night talk show television, was called to the couch to join the other guests and Conan at his desk. We are beyond thrilled and excited to see Toronto comics getting their fair due. 

Here is the full episode of Conan - cut to the end for his set:

Also, in his humble beginnings, here is DJ hosting Comedy in the Basement:

In June 2014, DJ Demers, and six Toronto comics performed at party in the basement of a Toronto house. The Brothers DePaul captured the entire experience. DJ Demers appeared on Conan on December 1, 2014