Comedy in the Basement...Why?


The best part about living in a city, or perhaps maybe simply the best part of living in Toronto, is the sheer amount of talent that weaves in and out of the streets, alleyways, high rises, walkups, basements, and subways, everyday. There are people writing music down the street that will soon blast out of speakers in festivals across the world. There are plays and films being written that will entertain hundreds of thousands of people. There are comedians telling a joke right now to five other comedians in a hole in the wall that will one day receive a million views on YouTube. Let alone all the graphic artists, entertainers, thinkers, scientists, and really any person with a passion. We want to capture those moments, in the streets, alleyways, high rises...and basements.

We are inspired by the creative people around us and we want to do something about it. We want to capture the little moments before the big moments. The first project on the road of many. The last project before the big leap. 

We can get all caught up in the grandness of what Toronto can offer, so we're focusing. We're focusing on capturing stand up comedy in unusual places as apart of our Comedy in the X series. Today we publicly launched the first film in this series, Comedy in the Basementa comedy show that we put on in our basement and filmed with the talented filmmaker Greg Francis. The equally talented comedy group, ChuckleCo, are featured in this film hosted by our good friend and recent winner of the Just For Laughs Homegrown Comic Competition, DJ Demers. The night was a blast, a nod not only to Toronto's up-and-coming comedians, but frankly to our old humble bungalow near Trinity Bellwoods Park which will be torn down any day now. 

We are truly proud of the film, and cannot thank the team that helped put it together enough. We've listed the credits across this website, but a huge thank you to our director and editor Greg Francis, of course the ChuckleCo gang, and to all of our Executive Producers and supporters. Next up, we're hosting a live comedy show in an alley near Christie Pits Park....all of which will be filmed and shared as episode 2. Please join us on October 17th, 2014. More details and tickets here

Thanks you all for watching and reading!